*whispers* Husbandos.....

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There was this cute guy on the bus with cute brown-ish curly hair and these light light light blue eyes and he has stubble and this little chin beard and kinda moustache going on and and and mOST IMPORTANTLY




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the cookie cup by ByronTalbott


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Two of my left fingers are swollen? What

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Hollly shiiit earlier we all almost lost our jobs because apparently in the room we were breaking on Tuesday there were fucking pizza stains on the wall and ceiling

How the fuck did stains get there
How the fuck threw pizza there
WHY the fuck would anyone do that
Why waste good pizza

Like fuck it was so intense we were waiting for work to start at the area they dropped us and then the supervisor from DSS popped up and they were so pissed

"if no one coughs up a name we’re going to take you one by one and interview you separately and if we get no name then, we’ll terminate you all, put you in the van and drop you all off at the bus stop"

Holy shit this is over fucking pizza stains
You could have just said that we had to clean it up holy Christ

The worse part? They left us all alone for five minutes to discuss who did it. But not only that but no one knew who the fuck did it (as a matter of none of us did it and there were two people missing today) but no one wanted to take the fall

And of course if no one coughs up a name then we’re all were going to lose our job
Over pizza
pizza stains

….I was gonna take the fall but another girl told me not to because fuck that it definitely wasn’t my fault

Anyway someone else stepped up to the plate to take the blame and though they even said that they didn’t even believe him, they took it

Luke you fucking soon to be father sweetheart I’m buying you a fucking phone case when my pay check comes in akdnfj

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Hnnnn I just got home for work and I was eating the last slice of pie because I didn’t really get to eat any of it and half way through I found mold on it……………

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Do you have any recommendations for cute plus sized clothing? I'm right on the edge of regular sizes/plus sizes and it's so hard to find things that aren't tent-like and that don't squeeze too much :(




Yes, I do! I came across a few when I was making my master post of shopping links!

Here are a few shops that carry plus size clothing, I’m giving you the direct links to their plus size sections!:

And Punyus, which is a Japanese brand, is my favorite plus size find online shop! it’s all Japanese street style clothing and everything there looks perfect!

Just in case other people are in need of some plus size shop options! Feel free to add to this list!

Some more off the top of my head:


LaLuna+ (Lots of gorgeous vintage for good prices)



HerUniverse (fandom stuff)

A Fat Fox’s Closet

The Big Girls Club

Here’s a super long master post of plus size shops with descriptions, sizes, and price ranges. 

And, of course, there’s always taobao (which you need a shopping service to buy from if you’re not in China) Here is the link to their plus size section. (Note if you’re on google chrome or any automatic translator, some words may translate to things like fat, big, etc., so be careful if you’re not comfortable with that.)

Taobao is really cheap, but if you’re overseas, shipping and shopping services can add up, so try to buy lots of items in one order and avoid heavy items (furniture, heavy gowns, etc.). 

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hhaAAAAAAAA FINALLY HOME AND SHOWERED AGAIN ANd too exhausted to do anything worth while no (O__Q

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Note to self: bring towel

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Thank you step-wifey I’m honored to be welcomed into the working world by someone as cool as you (O v Q

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Hnnnnn I got a job and I don’t want to get ready for work

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Watch as I discover the neatness of the pen tool. *wiggly fingers* whooo~

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okay so I’ve never practiced coloring animu eyes even though I love them with all of my heart and that needs to be changed pronto

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